What Is the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly?

An Assembly is a gathering of men and women united to self govern within their community in accordance with common law values: act with honour, do no harm, cause no loss or trespass. Using the UCC and common law, the assembly acts from a sovereign standing above the corporate structures that operate under the colour of law. Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.

The government IS YOU.

It’s decisions are supposed to be made by you. It’s primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and against all comers. That’s why governments exist. Not for what they represent today.

The Sovereign Assemblies are setting basic framework and benchmarks to ensure that the Provincial Assemblies are correctly populated and that the Assembly Members are protected. 

The Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly engages in the lawful and original jurisdiction to secure the rights of Ontarians, and stand together as a collective, cohesive body of conscious men and women. We are a body of hundreds of men and women living in the Halton Region who have and continue to take action to defend our own freedoms, demand that those with a paid duty to uphold those freedoms perform said duty and assist one another in the defence of our unalienable rights. 

A notice/declaration/letter/email from the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly is made with consent of every man and woman in the assembly. All rights are reserved, without prejudice, in accordance with UCC 1-308.

For further reading and information, please feel free to visit www.tngalliance.com