Citizen’s Arrests

Performed by the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly


URGENT UPDATE: The Halton Regional Police as well as all police officers are guilty of facilitating organized crimes, criminal negligence, terrorism, genocide and are also complicit accomplices in the ongoing crimes against humanity, fraud and concealment of the defacto government of Canada/all subsidiaries. They have failed to investigate any of the evidence presented to them, follow up on any of the citizen’s arrests and criminal reports made by the members of the Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly and have also allowed the loss of income, bodily harm, death and trespass of thousands of men and women in the region. They have failed their duty of care, obligation to the public and openly violated their own Police Service Act and broken their oaths.

The Lakeshore Sovereign Assembly does not recognize, validate or deal with the criminal agents that choose to represent Canada, Ontario or any of its subsidiaries.


The purpose of citizen’s arrests are a) empowering the people b) showing the “authority” who is in charge c) directing the police to do their duty d) exposing the fact that the law is broken e) taking the spiritual step to take action

The following officers have had criminal reports filed in defence of the children of Halton, evidence submitted to them detailing the origin of the virus as well as urgent demands for arrests and investigations. Thus far they have all chosen not to act and are derelict in their duty as well as guilty of being party to the offences, harm loss and trespass committed on the population:>,,,,,,

We first began our process by following the letter of the criminal code of Canada. Parents filed criminal reports to Staff Sgt Crystal Kelly, of the Halton police, for the ongoing assault on their children as early as November 5th, 2020. This was done in addition to submitting the Binder of Evidence, found here:

When Sgt Kelly confirmed that the police would not do anything, under section 494(2) of the criminal code of Canada, the parents of Halton gathered together to perform a citizen’s arrest of the mayor of Burlington, Marianne Meed-Ward on Dec 18th, 2020. Video footage found here:

A few days later, we performed the same action on another one of the Halton mayor, Rob Burton. At the time he was also the chair of the Halton Police services board, and had been set all evidence and been directed to do his duty to protect the children of Halton. Video footage found here, for Dec 22nd, 2020:

On January 5th we moved on to the mayor of Milton for his role in the collusion and criminal activity:

At each of the Halton arrests, we were met with an officer who told us that the crimes “did not meet the threshold for an arrest” and “the legal department did not believe that a crime had been committed”. No record of this statement was provided to the parents. No reasoning was provided to the parents.

On Jan 5th, 2021, we followed the same process of filing criminal reports for the mayor of St Catharines. Officers sat in their cars surrounding the people but did not come out to speak with the parents of the region:

On March 20th, 2021, we performed a citizen’s arrest and common law court of the mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie. Bonnie was also one of the 400 mayors present in Bill Gates’ presentation to the mayors of Canada. She was summoned to court but did not show up. She was tried and found guilty in absentia: 1)


After these actions, many cease and desist orders were filed by the International Tribunal. Court proceedings and evidence was provided to all recipients, who chose to do nothing and continue their crimes:

The Peel catholic school board and the Halton school boards were also served cease and desist notices in person:

The police of the various regions responded to the lawful actions by violating the right to assembly and peaceful protest as well as choosing not to acknowledge the demand for arrest and investigation:

August 20th, 2021 another citizen’s arrest was performed on MP Karina Gould of the liberal party of Canada:

Finally, on November 11th, 2021 a citizen’s arrest was performed on Halton police chief stephen j tanner:

Arrest folder and evidence found here:

The evidence on chief tanner was submitted to the RCMP on Nov 10th, 2021. No response has been given to date.